Energy is FREE


Energy Monopoly

The Military & Industrial Complex
of our stolen technology heritage
The Energy Monopoly

The Bankers have won the battle of control over Governments.

It is their Energy Monopoly that provides material control while their fiat currencies provide financial control.

Earths People and Governments, asleep at the wheel, have allowed this state of affairs to emerge.

This is your view of it:

Petrol Cost Electricity Cost

You have no choice, you buy fuel from their bowsers and electricity from their grid - and you pay whatever they decide to charge.

Notice that these pictures summarise their control mechanisms as they contain both the monopolised energy sources and their monopolised fiat currency.

There is no competition and there are no countries from the perspective of the multi-national industrial and banking control & ownership pyramid.

It is total control monopoly!

The Military & Industrial Complex, owned by same bankers, is structured to maximise profits and leverage their monopoly.

War and fear of war diverts trillions to their global control agenda.

When governments fail to fight each other false flag events ensure that they will.

Their inhumane monopoly has utterly distorted our World into an ugly murderous mess.

Their monopoly has coopted our global scientific heritage to grab all of the very best for themselves while keeping us using century old, inefficient, polluting, fast wearing, environment destroying - but controllable - Oil, Coal & Nuclear fuels.

It's time to wake up!