Energy is FREE


Solar & Wind Energy

Free Energy we are 'allowed' to use
of our stolen technology heritage
Solar & Wind Energy

If you own your own home, and plan to live there some years, one of the best investments you can make is to install Solar Power Systems (electric & hot water).

Be sure not to 'skimp' on the investment - it is an investment that can repay you for 30 or more years and over-sizing your system will pay dividends. The return on your solar investment is equal or better than any stocks or bonds with a far lower risk profile, plus you own the asset.

This is the free energy we have been 'allowed' to use and its price to return ratio has now reached a 4 to 6 year cash replacement - get into Solar today!

Furthermore, have a close look at Solar Hybrid that combines Solar/Grid/Battery to maximise self-consumption.

Nonetheless, Solar is still suppressed!

We only need compare solar cell efficiency improvement to moores law:

Solar PV and battery improvement are a flat line on this exponential graph. In the same time taken to fit a terabyte of data on your fingernail scientist have barely doubled PV efficiency and batteries have made a four fold energy density improvement.

Is this believable?

I am certain that far greater efficiencies have been developed for PV cells and batteries long ago, but the publically available technologies have been controlled at a price/performance level that does not threaten the Oil and Coal Cartel - the Energy Monopoly.

Even so, investment in Solar (and wind where suitable) is highly recommended, for several reasons:

  • A quality investment with excellent returns and low risk
  • Reduces dependence on the Energy Monopoly
  • Eliminates electric dependence with Hybrid or Off Grid Solar Systems
  • Eliminates fuel dependence when combined with electric cars, farm machinery and tools
  • Creates a personal Solar Energy Tipping Point
  • Advances the global Solar Energy Tipping Point
  • Reduces toxic waste and pollution

It is an important step and an excellent transition to the free energy systems that we hope to get released soon.

Solar Communities

Solar System Owners are now a considerable political force.

Solar cooperatives and communities are connecting on the Internet for a range of objectives:

  • Fair feed-in tariffs
  • Critical infrastructure incentives
  • Solar R&D Incentives
  • Solar Irrigation for Farmers
  • Broad Government Support for Solar

Existing Grids are still run as 'Power Station to Consumer' delivery networks.

Grids are now 'Power Sharing Networks' and require new business models.

Get involved and insist your representatives are pro-solar.

It's your Free Energy Opportunity!