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Secret Energy Technologies

The Utopian World we should be living in NOW
of our stolen technology heritage
Secret Energy Technologies

The global control monopoly (cabal) has co-opted our entire scientific heritage to grab all of the very best for themselves.

It is an obvious strategy to ensure that totally superior energy technologies are in their hands, to control any uprising from a humanity armed with primitive fuels, guns and missiles.

Think Starship Enterprise - a human built reality over 50 years old - not fiction at all. It is all part of 'hiding truth in plain sight':

Where do you think all that tax goes? The government?

UFOs come in 3 forms:

  • Man made
  • Man & Extraterrestrial made
  • Extraterrestrial made

They are all known and 'identified' by the cabal, who are themselves building a vast range of anti-gravity spaceships.

They only remain 'unidentified' for you and I while the cover-up lasts.

We have been lied to for a century!

The cabal have secret bases all over Earth, our Moon, Mars and many other Moons in our solar system.

The cabal have electric field and aether bending anti-gravity propulsion powered by zero point aether energy.

What do you think they have been up to for the last 60 years in all those underground military bases?

"Surely you cannot keep that a secret" I hear you ask. Ok, try to find out what is going on at Pine Gap, a secret underground base the size of a small city:

There is no official that can tell you a thing about it - not because of secrecy laws - because no one knows!

There is always a 'public explanation', for Pine Gap it's 'satelite and communications monitoring', but we do not know what really goes on there, we cannot go and check...

Pine Gap is one of hundreds of deep underground bases around the World and the level of security and secrecy is 'extreme', way above 'Top Secret'.

There the cabal can research and develop its technologies unfettered by public or government oversight.

What kind of World would we be living in if these sciences and technologies remained mainstream and developed to advance our Civilisation? What if we had truly benevolent people's governments with ethical and moral policies with real control over currencies and support of beneficial scientific development?

An amazing scientific heritage and potential has been stolen from the people of Earth!

That heritage includes infinite clean and free energy technologies, anti-gravitic propulsion and energy beam weapons.

These technologies make our fossil and nuclear fueled World look like the Flintstones.

We simply cannot stand by and allow this betrayal and treason by a private banking cabal to continue.

It's time to act!